Digital Marketing with a BANG!

Keep in touch with anyone who’s digitally interacted with your brand (or any of your competitors, sssshh) by retargeting or remarketing your advert. We promise you’ll get more attention than your local firework display!

Remarketing and retargeting are very similar in that they both direct ads to people who have already shown an interest in your brand. But for those of you that aren’t so sure of the difference between the two, we have popped a brief explanation below:


Remarketing is deployed through Google Ads and gives you the ability to identify and target online consumers who have actively shown an interest in you. These ads will follow your audience around the internet (yes, we’re talking about those pesky ads that seem to know exactly what you want).


By using Facebook’s Pixel platform, you are able to target potential customers who have already interacted with your website, showing them reminder ads. Depending on what they looked at on your website, you can set up an ad to ‘follow’ them around while they are online.

Both tactics are effective as stand-alone methods of marketing, however we are inclined to suggest running a combination of the two simultaneously. For the purpose of this blog, we are going to focus on retargeting, a method that can be incorporated with your social media ad campaigns.

Retargeting can be set to a number of ‘events’. Whether you want to target an audience that adds a product to their basket but doesn’t complete the order or you want to target those who have shown interest in a specific genre of product, retargeting will let you do this.

The percentage of people who purchase an item the first time they visit your website is typically very low. But giving them that extra push by retargeting to them can make the world of difference. German fashion company, CBR, saw a 66% increase in sale over Black Friday weekend by enabling retargeting, proving that this method of marketing really is beneficial to your ecommerce website.

Retargeting gives you the luxury of connecting with potential new customers, increasing your conversion rates while also making the experience personal to your audience so that rather than showing your ads to random users, you’re targeting an audience that have previously visited your website. 

If you’re an ecommerce brand and think this method of marketing could help increase your sale conversions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on 01242 224315.