How to get creative with your marketing this Halloween

For most, Halloween is an evening dedicated to dressing up in your spookiest costume and collecting (or giving away) sweet treats, but commercially, Halloween provides the perfect opportunity for businesses to promote and capitalise on their products and services.

Being the first Halloween out of lockdown, the holiday is being fully embraced by many across the country! At Media Waypoint, we are sharing some of the most effective Halloween marketing strategies for you to implement this month:

Get spooky with it! 👻

Pumpkins, sweets or even costumes, now is the perfect time to run a marketing campaign to let your customers know you have those spooktastic items in store or online! Even if your services and products aren’t Halloween related, you can still use the holiday to your advantage.

Run a social media competition and ask your audience to guess how many sweets are inside the pumpkin; the winner gets to keep the sweets. Or run a Halloween related quiz, just for fun! Anything that spreads your company name and indicates to your customers that your business is up to date with relevant topics and trends is great for business. It also allows your audience to see that you know when to have ‘fun’ and that helps you be a more relatable and, in some cases, likeable company.

Even adding seasonal branding (we’re talking about that little ghost emoji), while maintaining your current aesthetics, can increase brand recognition and is an invaluable tool for advertising.

If you’re looking for help with your creative marketing strategies, Media Waypoint can help.

Happy Halloween! 🎃