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Paid Search or PPC, represents a very effective way of targeting those all-important potential customers, particularly when you are going after high value search phrases, or whilst your SEO strategy is getting up to speed. Easy to get right if you know what you’re doing but even easier to get wrong if you don’t. It’s vital that any paid search campaign is set up and run efficiently to avoid spend spiralling out of control. We have built a reputation as the paid search agency that delivers within budget and with a healthy return on investment.

Google Ads

We have over 15 years of Google Ads experience.

Keyword Research

Everything starts with Keyword research


We Are Not In The Business Of Making Google Or Bing Richer!

No way, those guys have enough of our money. We want you to be richer and add business value through efficient, highly effective paid search marketing.

Like a small yet demanding toddler, paid search campaigns require constant attention and analysis. It is essential that your campaigns are set up correctly to create a healthy return on your investment. We’ll work to not only reduce your media spend, but also improve the quality of the visitors to your website; increasing enquiries and sales from the first search through to a conversion. We’ll also keep an eye on other opportunities, making sure your paid search campaigns are running at the top of their game and we remain a leading paid search agency.

PPC Pay Per Click Marketing

Making Sure Your Paid Search Campaigns Deliver On Quality And Return On Investment

As with all of our Digital Marketing services, we adopt a scientific approach to paid search; backed up with market research, on-going monitoring and optimisation. We will work closely with you and your team to make sure all enquiries that come as a result of the campaigns give you the best possible chance of conversion by measuring the conversion rates and exploring ways to creatively extend paid search reach to maximise return for you.

We’re all about clarity, too. No hiding behind our computer screens here. We’ll give you full ownership and visibility of your GoogleAds account so you always know what’s happening, and you’ll be invoiced directly by Google for any media spend.

As a leading paid search agency we can rabbit on about how brilliant we are, but it’s our results that really speak for themselves. We love helping clients grow their business and we’ve got a brilliant roster of clients who have been with us year after year. Let us know if you’d like a testimonial – we’d be more than happy to put you in touch. You can also check out our reviews here.

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Drop us a line for a chat about how we can kick you off with PPC or review your existing campaigns. We’ll even do it for free – that’s how nice we are. Even if we do say so ourselves.

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