Local SEO Is All About Targeting
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If you operate on a regional rather than national level, local SEO is essential. Whilst national and international SEO focuses on overall rank independent of the location, local SEO prioritises local searches linked to a specific location, making sure you’re seen where you need to be. Why is this important? Local SEO will deliver high-value visitors, enquiries and conversions in your area, as well as helping you compete with larger, national brands that can throw unlimited money and resource at general SEO and paid search. Plus, according to a 2018 Review Trackers study, 35% of all search traffic is local. Don’t be the one who misses out.

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If You're Local - Shout About It!

Local SEO forms a big part of our overall SEO service, ensuring you’re seen in search results based on location. From registering your business and location correctly with Google and Bing, to optimising your web pages, promoting and managing customer reviews and claiming any auto-published locations on your behalf, we’ll keep you visible on home turf where it matters most.

Whether you rely on local business or not, managing your local SEO will make sure you’re correctly represented and increase your search impact by using the Google and Bing mapping systems. Important stuff.

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Fancy getting your mitts on a full review of your current local search visibility? We’ll happily do a free audit for you; just get in touch.

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