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Always thinking of the one that got away? Remarketing and retargeting can make sure you never have to feel that heartache again, keeping you in touch with anyone who’s digitally interacted with your brand (or any of your competitors).



Deployed through the Google Ads platform, remarketing gives you the ability to identify and target online consumers who have actively shown an interest in you. So, whether they’ve visited your website, or a key competitor’s, we can show them an ad designed to tempt them back to you. Sneaky, huh?

Remarketing is pretty clever, too. We can create remarketing campaigns tailored specifically to your desired outcomes; filtering who we target by geographic location, demographic, or search habits to make for the best possible chance of conversion. No cast a net and hope for the best stuff here.


Retargeting works in a pretty similar way to remarketing, using Facebook’s Pixel platform. In a nutshell, this handy little marketing tool gives you the opportunity to ‘follow’ potential customers who have already interacted with your website, showing them engaging ads designed to tempt them back.

This is a particularly effective strategy when it comes to mobile vs desktop browsing. Whilst many consumers typically use mobile to casually browse content they’re interested in, many will then wait until they’re on desktop before committing to any kind of action. These ads will help to give them a nudge in the right direction, reminding them of just how great you are.


Our Approach

With any digital strategy, a combined two-pronged attack that uses both remarketing and retargeting is the best course of action.

How we do that is simple: we’ll establish audience profiles within Google and Facebook that we’d like to remarket to and create highly engaging ads to ‘follow’ them around the web, tempting them to your website. We’ll also make sure that ads and messaging are adapted to suit individual audiences, making them as relevant as possible to increase chances of a click-through.

It's Time To Attract
Those Prospects Back!

Fancy giving it a whirl, or want to ensure your current remarketing game is on-point? Get in touch – we’d love to help.

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