Email Marketing Is
Alive And Kicking!

No one likes it when you play hard to get so get your email marketing in order. Communicating regularly with your existing customers is vital in making sure they feel loved and know exactly what’s going on with you, letting them know why they should keep coming back to you, time after time. Keeping your messaging fresh, engaging and exciting is key, something with rather good at.

Email Marketing
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Email Marketing Is All About Quality Data and Creative Email Building

Don’t just bombard your database with any old gumpth. We’ll work with you to establish a solid email marketing strategy with a timeline of content, creating visually-compelling, expertly-worded emails to tempt your customers to find out more. Not only does this keep them engaged with your brand, but actively encourages them to visit your site. What’s more, we’ll closely monitor the performance of each email in terms of open-rates, click-throughs and unsubscribes, consistently tailoring our content accordingly month-on-month to make sure you remain as relevant and engaging as possible. No snooze-worthy emails left unread here.

Database Processing

We’ll review and clean your data and ensure that it is GDPR compliant and reliable.

Content Writing

We can use content supplied or write content to meet any campaign objectives.

Email Building

We build creative HTML emails, tested to ensure they’re inbox friendly and avoid those pesky spam filters.

Measuring and reporting

We don’t just measure the delivery and open-rate; we’ll also report back on web visitor activity.

Are You Ready To Keep
In Touch With Your Audience?

Keep those customers happy. Drop us a line to find out how we can help you maximise the potential of your database.

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