Video Takeover

Camera phone on tripod

With the likes of TikTok, Instagram stories and now Reels, video content has become a key contender when gaining the attention of your audience. In recent years, it has been proven that 96% of social media users increased their online video consumption, and now expect to see businesses incorporating more video content into their channels.

Do you want to embrace the world of video for social media but not sure how? Here are a few things you and your business could try.

Your Story

Let your audience get to know you! People love to hear your story, so tell them in the form of videos. Share how your business came to be, talk about how an idea tuned into a reality or even your plans for the future. Something personal that will give your current audience, along with potential newcomers, an insight into who you are.

Service or Product Videos

Using video as a way to showcase what your company offers can help to demonstrate all the pros of your product or service, no matter what industry you are in. Work in the catering industry? Talk your audience through a recipe. Develop software for a living? Give your audience an insight into how it works. Having a face and voice to put with a company can really help you stand out.

Client Testimonials

Just like talking your audience through your products and services can help boost client interest and trust in what you are offering, so will client testimonials. These don’t need to be long monologues that will have your viewer quickly losing interest. Keep them short, using snippets of dialogue that best represents you. You could even have multiple testimonials in one for more variety.  

Frequently asked questions

We know you’ve already answered all of these questions and added them to the footer of your website like EVERYONE else. But now it’s time to be the one that does something different! Still keep your FAQs on your website, but get your team involved and ask them to answer the questions in the form of a video. Up the anti and create an animated video to share the info in a fun way.

Educational & ‘How to’ videos

People LOVE to learn! How to videos are a great way to draw your viewers in. Don’t just think this is only applicable to companies who offer something that might need to be taught, like a new app. How to videos can be applied to many different scenarios. Whether you’re working in a garden centre and want to show your audience how to correctly plant their spring bulbs or you sell bicycles and want to show people how to fix a puncture … you can educate your audience on a multitude of topics that relate to your business.  

Event Videos

Have you been nominated for an award and invited a ceremony? Or attending a vendor event with other like-minded businesses? All of this is great to include in your video collection! It’s a fantastic way to take your viewers with you on your journey. To an event but also with you as your business grows.

Fancy trying out video content but unsure where to start? Here at Media Waypoint we’re happy to consult with you and help to develop a strategy that will best suit both you and your business.