Top 5 Ways to Freshen Up Your Instagram

Instagram Camera

Instagram is a fantastic tool for reaching and, more importantly, engaging with your audience and customers. It’s a hugely popular social media marketing tool with more than 95 million images being uploaded to Instagram every day! There are also approximately 1 billion active Instagram users per month – the perfect audience waiting to see your brand and products.

There are so many great features (with more released from Instagram on a regular basis) to help promote your brand, services and products. While we can’t cover everything in one blog post, here are our top 5 tips to make your Instagram account shine.

  1. Keep Your Bio Up To Date – While your Instagram feed will show off your products and ethos, your bio is the place to give more information about your brand. Instagram is beginning to shrink the space visible in the bio and is introducing a ‘See More’ button. Therefore, it’s important to keep the most important information about your brand at the top.
  2. Tell Your Story – A great way to engage with your audience and customers is to show them behind the scenes content. It’s also a good way to give your brand some personality.
  3. Try Out Stories – Stories are increasingly becoming more important than your feed. A lot of Instagram users watch Instagram Stories before scrolling through their feed.
  4. Hashtags – One hashtag can boost engagement by 12.6% so make sure you’re using relevant hashtags in your posts and Stories!
  5. Get Engaged – Instagram is a fantastic community, allowing users to interact with each other and brands. To make your audience feel loved and valued, be sure to engage with them – ask them questions, run competitions and post polls. Plus, Instagram’s algorithm will reward you for being more active and engaging, by making your images and Stories more visible.

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